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wwwampire is just funny looking name for project that will create an architecture for sharing extended bookmarks and using them for various purposes. The main parts/goals are:

  1. ldap_bookmarks
    • shared bookmarks accessible via LDAP
    • as core vocabulary is used Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
    • clients:
      • client component for Mozilla (LDAP RDF datasource is read-only now, volunteers ?)
      • client for other browsers - JSP, later maybe applet
  2. URI up2date - set of simple Perl apps checking bookmarked resources for changes
    • URI fetcher - now quite stupid, rewrite to multithreading deamon using probably curl_easy lib
    • change checker - checks for changes and reports them back to server
  3. SW up2date - will add more data and allow to check for new version of software and install it

comparison of bookie and wwwampire:

  bookie wwwampire
protocol XML-RPC LDAP
need Java yes no
need to compile Mozilla yes yes, for LDAP support
bookmarks sharing no yes
needs DB running yes no

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The wwwampire project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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